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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 24 : Blueberry Fancy

1 loaf French bread
12 ou fresh blueberries
lemon juice, optional
8 ou cream cheese
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1 tea vanilla, optional

Slice bread and cream cheese into cubes.  Wash blueberries and toss with a small amount of lemon juice. Prepare slow cooker by spraying with non stick cooking spray.  Place half the bread cubes into the bottom of the cooker.  Layer with half the blueberries and half the cream cheese.  Repeat layers.  In large mixing bowl, beat together eggs, milk and vanilla.  Pour over other ingredients.  Cook on LOW for about 4 hours.  Serve with maple syrup...yummy!

Good morning!  I thought I would do something a little different this week- breakfast!  Well, if you don't wanna get up at 4am to make breakfast...brunch!  That is the only drawback of this recipe.  It only takes 4 hours to make, so you can't really turn it on before you go to bed!  To cube the bread, I just used kitchen scissors and cut the bread up.  I would suggest a small loaf of French bread or only using 3/4 of the loaf.  I used a whole loaf and there was one spot that turned out a little dry. Or, toss ALL the ingredients together before putting them in the Crock Pot to make sure that the bread is evenly coated.  I think that is what I will do next time I make this.  Don't misunderstand though, this is delicious!  If you are going to pour the maple syrup over the top as I did, don't skimp!  Buy the good stuff, it's worth it.  If you've ever had stuffed French toast, this is very similar.  If only I had some bacon....

Once again, I found this recipe in the Fix It and Forget It Big Cookbook.

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  1. this sounds wonderful...and I just bought a big thing of blueberries! Do you think you could mix it all together and leave the inner part of the crockpot in the fridge, get up at 4 and start it and go back to bed? I wonder if it would get too soggy. God doesn't turn on the lights at 4am so I don't think he wants me to get up then...seems sacrilegious somehow...tee-hee!