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Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe Flip Books for Sale!

So, it's a chilly day in mid-February and you want to make a recipe you read about here on the blog.  Now, what was the name of the recipe you wanted to make?  What month was it in?  What week was it?  What is the blog address again?  You know you printed it out at one point in time but you can't remember which stack of recipes you need to flip through to find it.  Well, I've fixed that problem for you!  Now you can buy your own copy of the Crock Pot Challenge!  The first 52 recipes of the blog typed out for you and bound together in this 4x6 size recipe book.  Protected front and back with plastic coverings.  And don't worry, all the recipes are in there, but, the ones I don't recommend are clearly marked!

So, how do you get your hot little hands on one of these!?!?  Simply leave your email address in the comment section below and I will get in touch with you.  (If you are having trouble leaving a comment, make sure to become a fan of the blog and I think that will make it easier!)  Or, contact me directly if you know me!  $15 covers the price of the book, the binding and the shipping.  If you know me and I am able to hand deliver this to you, $10 is all it costs! 


  1. I would love a book. I'm probably a little far to hand deliver since i live in Western Canada.


  2. Awesome! I'm excited I have gone international!