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Saturday, March 19, 2011


So it's no surprise that I have a lot of friends and family that have become my followers- and that is, indeed, very special and exciting to me.  But what is also very exciting is to have followers I don't even know!  This post is dedicated to those who I have become "blog buddies" with simply because we have one thing in common- we love to cook and want to share our ideas with you.  A link to each of these blogs can be found on the right hand column of my blog.  These buddies span the States and I want to introduce you to them!  Let's go East to West!

So, I'm not sure who lives further east, so I will start with the one I've known the longest.  Christopher N. is a dear friend from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Chris and his friend Amy decided to share their passion for cakes, and all things cake (including a video by the band Cake- this took me a while to get!).  They cleverly named their blog Gateau Chateau (I believe the literal translation for this is Cake House or Castle).  Visit this for some tasty treats and ideas.  And I am sure they would be happy to answer any cake related questions you have.

Next, we will travel a little south, to Florida.  Learn, Laugh, Cook is a blog written by Mandy, who visits the humorous side of cooking.  She even has a cookbook that bears the same title!  This week?  Ugly Foods That Taste Fabulous.  (Friday's segment featured a recipe submitted by Yours Truly!)    So, if you want a giggle while you are trying to prepare your dinner, click on her link and read through her trials in the kitchen!

Staying south, we will visit Chris in Arkansas.  Chris is a self proclaimed biker chick who also happens to enjoy spending time in her kitchen.  Her blog is entitled "Cooking with Kick."  Not only are her recipes tasty, they are so easy to follow.  As she says- if you can boil water, you can make her recipes.  I made one of her recipes the other night and it is to die for!  Chris wants to share her talent of Southern Cooking with those of us in the rest of the country!

Ahhhh, my home state, Colorado, and home to a lovely friend, and neighbor while I was growing up, Robin.  Robin played a big part in this blog's existence by starting her own blog first.  And I would like to thank her for that encouragement!!  Random Kitchen Adventures with Robin details just that- Robin's lessons from cooking.  Robin features her favorite recipes, and I have a sneaky suspicion her kids' favorite recipes.  Again, these recipes are very detailed and easy to follow and are accompanied by beautiful pics!  Robin's recipes are true crowd pleasers- I even gave her homemade hot cocoa out for Christmas presents this year!

And last, only geographically speaking, is Marla, from sunny California.  Making Memories in the Kitchen, is going to follow Marla and her daughters through the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook- a la "Julie and Julia" style.  This blog is just getting up and running and the first adventure is already posted!

So coast to coast I have followers and supporters!  It's nice to give them a little support back!  So, after you are finished with your Crock Pot for the week, visit one of these sites and enjoy what my new bloggin' buddies have to offer!


  1. Thank you for the plug Alison. We have some awesome recipes on there such as Blackberry Jam Spice Cake, Sweet Cream Cake with Cherries, Guiness Cupcakes,etc. etc.
    So Please stop on by The Gateau Chateau and check us out!

  2. Nice to meet everyone out there in cyberspace-and thanks for the nod to my blog, Alison! I love your blog and have, as you know, shared many yummies recipes from it! Coming soon at Random Adventures:Brownies (a new and wonderful recipe!), Easy and yummy Alfredo sauce, and a great summer salad idea with beef! Meanwhile, keep cooking, CrockPotters!

  3. Awww... thank you so much! I'll have to get over to Mandy's blog next and check out your submission. It's nice to be tablemates with some great people!

  4. Thank you for the shout-out Alison! And thank you again for submitting your black bean cakes recipe as well! You've inspired me to use my slow cooker more this week. The timing is perfect too since i'm feeling a bit under the weather and need some minimal work in the kitchen until I'm well again! Thanks! -Mandy