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Friday, January 27, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Recipes of the Challenge

Last week, it was brought to a couple of folks' attentions that I had a Crock Pot blog....who knew!!??  After opening the blog and taking a peek at a couple of the recipes, it proved overwhelming to the newcomers.  After all, there was over a year's worth of recipes on there!  So, as requested:

Top Ten Favorite Recipes of The Challenge!

10. Week 40 : Felicia's Fiesta Chicken
9.   Week 45 : Kayte's Kickin' Chicken
8.   Week 16 : Stuffed Peppers
7.   Week 5 : Emergency Chicken Noodle Soup
6.   Week 14 : Spinach Pesto Lasagna
5.   Week 48 : Tortellini Meatball Soup
4.   Week 44 : Caramel Apple Cider
3.   Week 34 : Cincinnati Chili
2.   Week 2 : French Dip
1.   Week 1 : Crock Pot Chili

Now, I had 52 recipes to choose from.  This was a hard decision!  And I certainly had some close runner ups:  Week 7 : Fruit Cobbler; Week 11 : Hot Buttered Rum; Week 25 : Chipotle Taco Meat;  Week 28 : White Chicken Chili; Week 36 : Swedish Meatloaf.

So, if you are new to the blog or new to a slow cooker, here are a couple of recipes to get you started.  Easy to make, tested by me, and guaranteed to please!

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